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In ML we trust: the Trustworthy ML Social

The area of Trustworthy Machine Learning---comprising of various topics such as explainability, fairness, adversarial robustness, differential privacy---is becoming more and more relevant in ML research. Taking forward the vision of our recently launched Initiative, this social will serve as a forum to bring together people working or interested in this area. To make this relaxed and engaging for both beginners and seasoned researchers, we have put together an exciting mix of activities. So come join us for a couple of hours to unwind and socialize between the NeurIPS sessions!


Wednesday, Dec 9 2020, 3 - 5pm ET (more timezones)


Besmira Nushi, Microsoft Research

Kush Varshney, IBM Research

Tom Dietterich, Oregon State University

Moderator: Subhabrata Majumdar, AT&T Labs Research


All times in ET

3.00 - 3.05pm: Opening remarks

3.05 - 3.20pm: Ice-breaker games

3.20 - 4:00pm: Panel discussion: "Trustworthy Machine Learning in the Wild: Challenges and Opportunities"

4.00 - 4.05pm: Break to switch between Zoom links

4.05 - 4:30pm: Mentoring with panelists in breakout rooms

4.30 - 5:00pm: Casual hangout

How to Join

All NeurIPS registered attendees welcome to attend!

We are using two different Zoom links for this event. The first hour (3 - 4pm ET) takes place in a Zoom webinar; the second hour (4 - 5pm ET) takes place in a separate Zoom meeting (with breakout rooms functionality).

You can find the link to join the first hour on the socials page (NeurIPS registration required to access). The Zoom link for the second hour will be announced at the end of the first hour, and there will be a break for attendees to move between Zoom links.

Please install the latest Zoom app so that you have the functionality to move freely between breakout rooms and be mentored by different panelists.