Affiliated Events

Trustworthy AI for Environmental Science (TAI4ES) Summer School

July 26-29, 2021

This virtual summer school, organized by the National Center for Atmospheric Research in conjunction with the NSF AI Institute for Research on Trustworthy AI in Weather, Climate, and Coastal Oceanography (AI2ES), teaches participants how to develop trustworthy AI for the earth and environmental sciences. Goals of the summer school include understanding how both explanations and physics and robustness can help build trust in AI, and seeing how machine learning systems have been developed for a range of environmental science applications. The summer school organizers are: Ann Bostrom (University of Washington), John Schreck (NCAR), Julie Demuth (NCAR), Maria Molina (NCAR), Philippe Tissot (Conrad Blucher Institute, Texas A&M University), Susan Dubbs (Oklahoma University), Taysia Peterson (NCAR), Amy McGovern (University of Oklahoma), Imme Ebert-Uphoff (Colorado State University). Registration information can be found at

This event aligns with our mission to enable easy access of fundamental resources to newcomers in the field.

Demystifying ML PhD Applications to US Universities: A Virtual Panel Discussion

Nov 21, 2020. 12pm ET

This event, organized by Aditya Grover (Facebook) and Hima Lakkaraju (Harvard University) with help from Chirag Agarwal (Harvard University) and Jaydeep Borkar (Pune University), aims to shed light on critical information about ML PhD application process: (a) the breadth of available opportunities (e.g., ML PhD positions in non-CS departments), (b) how to choose what schools/departments to apply to, (c) what is a successful application. The panelists at this panel discussion/Q&A are faculty spanning various universities: Tatsu Hashimoto (Stanford University), Rada Mihalcea (University of Michigan), Devi Parikh (Georgia Tech / Facebook), Sameer Singh (UC Irvine), and James Zou (Stanford University) -- a diverse set of panelists from various departments/schools/areas of research. The recording is available at

This event aligns with our mission to lower barriers to entry to the field.