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Trustworthy ML Social @ ICML 2022

A social to build a community for friends who are interested in trustworthy machine learning topics defined in the broadest scope. Join us to meet the peers who might have read your papers or the peers you have read papers from, to know new friends who are interested in exploring topic in this dimension, and to build new collaboration opportunities.


Tuesday, July 19 2022, 7 - 8pm ET (more timezones)


All times in ET

7.00 - 7.45pm: Structured discussion -- we will pose a few questions in Trustworthy ML and ask participants to contribute thoughts. Participants will have an opportunity to speak.

7.45 - 8:00pm: Open social

How to Join

All ICML registered attendees welcome to attend!

You can find the Zoom link to join the event on the socials page (ICML registration required to access).